Gym Equipment Maintenance

Gym Equipment Maintenance & Service Quick Tips

Some of quick tips for gym equipment maintenance & services

Provision of effective and efficient after sales service is essential in any successful business. Periodic gym equipment maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting on your equipment will be conducted by our highly trained technical team.

With members or residents paying to use the gym, you need to make sure everything is in the best working order, not to mention safe to use. Equipment takes a good pounding during every workout, so here are our tips on keeping everything in the best condition to keep members engaged. Here are some of quick tips for gym equipment maintenance & services :

1 : Equipment Checking

First , you need to check out all the equipment and give it a thorough testing and audit. Making sure everything is up to scratch will keep people motivated when they return to their usual gym routine. Make sure you check all aspects of the gym, including touchscreens on cardio machines to see if they are working as they should, whether rowing machines are running smoothly, fitness mats are in good condition or if weights are still usable and not worn down. You also need to check for any strange noises, jerkiness or general performance issues due to wear and tear.

Once complete, you can then make a more informed assessment as to what fixes you can do in-house and what equipment needs to be repaired by a professional.

2 : Equipment Deep Clean

Gyms are sweaty places, so now is a good time to give the space a deep clean. Not to give you a complex, but gym weights can carry over 300 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, so it is really important to not only clean every day, but to also carry out a deep antibacterial clean every few months.

Key areas to focus on are mats, seats, benches and touchpads; basically, any commonly used equipment or areas where germs can spread. With adjustable weights, it’s also worth giving them a scrub with a brush to deep clean the knurling.

3 : Gym Equipment Maintenance & Repair

If you’re unsure about testing and repairing equipment, it’s always worth getting an experienced company (you can contact us for an expert advice on gym maintenance service) to carry out a thorough service. This will give you piece of mind that all equipment is up to standard and adheres to the latest safety regulations.

A service involves more in-depth testing of equipment to ensure it is performing at its best. An engineer will look ‘under the bonnet’ to test cables and wiring, as well as the general mechanics of the machines to see if all is working as it should.

What is particularly important about a gym equipment service is that it ensures all equipment lasts longer and runs consistently well. If you’ve made an investment in a gym, then regular service and maintenance will ensure a better return.

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