Power Plate

Lose Weight (Up to 50%) with Power Plate

Take your workouts to the next level with Power Plate.

Working out with a Power Plate forces your body to stabilize against vibrations making you work that much harder. These tiny vibrations help burn more calories, activate more muscles, and increase circulation (The European Journal of Obesity). Just add a Power Plate to your existing workout routine for better results.

Take your workouts to the next level with Power Plate.

The Benefits Of Power Plate :

  1. Burn More Calories

Power Plate forces your body to work harder during workouts to stabilize against the vibrations which in turn helps burn more calories.

2. Activate More Muscles

Scientists have found that a Power Plate workout recruits 95% of your muscle fibers while a regular workout is shown to only recruit 45%

3. Improve Circulation

Tiny vibrations flowing through your body enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and support their functioning. Multiple studies have shown that whole body vibration increases skin blood flow.

4. Save Time Without Losing Effectiveness

By using micro vibrations to make workouts more effective Power Plate allows you to get the benefits of a 55 minute workout done in only 25 minutes.

5. Tighten Skin

Using a Power Plate regularly leads to increased levels of collagen and elastin in your skin and body. These increased levels of collagen and elastin can help tighten skin

6. Improve Muscle Recovery

The soothing vibrations of Power Plate help increase blood flow that in turn can help improve muscle recovery times. Additionally, placing sore muscles on the vibrating surface helps alleviate muscle soreness.

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