Keiser Functional Trainer


Perfect for group, target, and core stability training! With multi user lines like the Infinity Six Pack and Triple Trainer you can use one machine to provide a workout that would take 9 machines from anyone else. Even better, the machines can serve every body type that may use your facility. Short, tall, male, female, husky, slender, all body shapes and sizes are comfortable using this equipment.

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  • Complete control of resistance levels.
  • Smooth pneumatic resistance to reduce shock loading to connective tissues and joints.
  • Takes up less space and time with a small footprint and multi-user pieces that allow group training.
  • Unlimited possibilities for training – any load, any speed, any plane.
  • Versatility that allows you to customize your workout.



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Weight 136 kg
Dimensions 365.8 × 238.8 × 236.2 cm
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